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Unlock unparalleled insights with Tara M. Sims, the author of Evolved Assistant: Unlocking Success in a New Era for Administrative Professionals. As an administrative expert and transformative leader, Tara brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to every keynote speech and speaking engagement. Inspire your audience with innovative strategies, actionable advice, and motivational stories that drive success. Elevate your event with a speaker who understands the everchanging landscape of business and the value that administrative professionals add to it. Book Tara for your next event and empower your audience to thrive and redefine success in their careers.

"Becoming an Evolved Assistant: Unlocking Your Full Potential"

Explore the concept of an Evolved Assistant and how it can transform your administrative career. Discover the  four principles of the 4Ms Framework.

" Promoting Your Value as an Administrative Professional"

Learn how to effectively market yourself as an asset within your organization with personal branding, relationship building, and communication strategies.

"Collaboration and Networking: The Power of Partnerships"

Highlight the value of partnering with other assistants to advance skills and knowledge. Discuss the importance of cultivating a network within and outside your organization.

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